I, MEDUSA (redemption the hard way)
a musical exploration of vanity and delusion

Suffering gladly are a nation of Goodies and Baddies both foolishly human and impenetrably immortal.

The mounting of International Fiction's "I, Medusa" is a sorted seduction.

Come and be sacrificed upon an altar prepared by Ford Wright and Nick Demopoulos.

This production was absolutely phantasmagoric: a revisionist myth in the making. Anointed with alluringly literary folklore, tall tales, big laughs, haunting lyrics, melodic, melancholic hobo-jazz, and operatic spasms, a syndrome of wickedness, heroism, victory and defeat, a comedy of error after error after error, a sexually explicit epic dressed in found flowers, tattered tunics, and hand-me-down pleather.

Performances by some of Downtown's most spectacular entertainers.

Are you worthy?

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Also download these MP3's from the International Fiction production of 'Rhymes with Adventure' to collect and trade with your friends:

Ford Wright is a former member of the Doorika theater group.