The Forgery

"'The Forgery' is a heady invocation of all that's sublime about the movies. That it's so funny is icing on the cake. A quite necessary piece of cinema" .- Steve Lafreniere, INDEX Magazine

“The imagery created by New York based experimental theater collective DOORIKA is at once timeless and provocative. DOORIKA has a long tradition of fusing relatively obscure literary works with the language of film, video and contemporary technology. The collective current effort employs various techniques to deconstruct the codes of 20th century language.” -- Meaghan Murphy, Surface Magazine, September 1998

Special Jury Award 2000, Cinewomen NY, THE FORGERY


"Regardless of time and place, DOORIKA has consistently challenged its audience with work that combines wildly nonlinear scripts with absolute rigor in dramaturgy, rehearsal process and performance".... -Jon McKenzie, Woman & Performance, 1995

"DOORIKA is one of Chicago's experimental theater gems, exhibiting a rare blend of innovation, imagination and a mature sense of restraint. Charged with a vicious humor, yet refreshingly free of adolescent cynicism, their deft cultural portraiture exhibits an insight generally achieved only be foreigners." -D Travers Scott, Chicago New City, 1992

“..They took a scalpel to the Tennessee Williams myth in ‘Tennessee in New Orleans. [..]a merciless, intertextual romp that worked on far more levels than most visual work here. .." --Jay Murphy, Contemporanea, New Orleans, November 1990


DOORIKA was a not for profit arts collective that reimagined the conventions of cultural production through its collaborative conceptualizations of media projects. The main initiative of DOORIKA was to create an environment in which artists from various mediums/disciplines could collaborate on new projects. Filmmakers, performance artists, actors, musicians and visual artists shared in the administration and fundraising activities of the organization.

DOORIKA adopted an expansive method of production that often included cross-pollination with other media arts. Our work referred to and was influenced by a history of experimental theater, music, cinema and the visual arts.

Erika Yeomans, Artistic Director
John Dooley
Amy Galper
Marianne Potje
Ford Wright
Jim Skish
Casey Spooner
Andrea Polli
Scott Fulmer
Eric Koziol
Heather Priest
Angela Di Carlo
Celia Bucci
Lisa Perry
Wilhelm Hahn
Amy Kerwin
Debbie Shirley
Mot Filipowski
Dr. Bill Mahoney
Dacia Bertrand
Kelly Anchors
Michael Merino
Robbie Hungerford

In Search of Bas Jan's Miraculous

"The distance in Ader's work reappears in the distance Yeomans applies to herself in this fictionalizing of both the lives of the hero Ader and of the diligent researcher Yeomans portrays...." -- Willem Van Weelden, World Wide Video Festival, 1997, Amsterdam

"Yeomans allows in the first round to be swallowed up by the romantic streak in Ader's history and sets out on a rite of passage across the US to visit Ader's widow in Los Angeles. But eventually, as the director becomes wiser about the complexity in Ader's lie and work, the film develops into an analytical project, where the myth about Ader is set in perspective via archetypes from a row of Hollywood films." -- Cinemaket, December 1999 Denmark, Copenhagen Museum

In Search of Bas Jan's Miraculous

Produced 1997
Directed and Written by Erika Yeomans
Edited by Victoria Plummer

Ford Wright, James Strahs, Kevin Hurley, Judy Elkan, Lizzy Yoder
and This American Life's Ira Glass.
B&W and Technicolor
Running time: 39 minutes

A 2 -part conceptual documentary comprised of animated stills, home movies and Hollywood blockbuster biographies.
NPR's This American Life interview with Erika