Show has a very upbeat feel despite implying a very sad emotion - the probable destruction of Earth's ecosystems. The terraformation of Mars. Making Mars habitable. Consumer culture being the vehicle and language. Commerce and economics become the arrow of time. However, the total mix of references transcends the sum of its parts to become truly sublime. Cosmologys' incredible real images of the myriads of stellar formations as photographed by the Hubble Sace Telescope provides the scale and perspective of ourselves in time and space. This is our moment now at the millenium. The show being a proposal for a museum on Mars historising our present in the form of pop. science as is depicted in the models monuments and in some of the fist images of Mars photographed by the Mars rover Sojourner. Displayed in a setting that indeed would make an interesting actual show in the future on Mars, however plausible; that we will reproduce ourselves almost without critique given the chance on another planet; creating a breathable environment by melting the polar icecaps with huge solar reflectors and by pumping greenhouse gases to create an atmosphere. Ironically using the very technology that threatens us to survive.