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"And again, he has failed to recognize this in time.
So that he could have been her normal, latin lover.
But no, there is this, this.. obsession.
Perhaps he is insane.
But in that case, so what?
He is what he is and not otherwise.
And it is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong that he is insane.
Or perverted or sick or anything else.
He is Philipe, and whoever, whatever Philipe is, he must prevail or die in the attempt.
Except that he must not die, not because he fears death (although he does, fears it above all things, now that he understands fully that he is not exempt), but because death is an absurdity.
It is a question when there is nobody there to get the answer.
But his cunning brain reassures him that he need have no qualms about that.
Yes, he has at least that going for him with Annette, however proficient in the martial arts she might be.
He can sense that much in her; she is no killer.
Whereas he has no such compunction.
True, he hasn't killed anyone -- yet.
But the survivla of his previous victims -- battered and bruised, terrorized and shaken -- was not, is not, of any concern to him.
So that now, he is free to give vent to his full fury, insane or otherwise.
And he does.
As he charges Annette (bull-like), his head lowered."