I've Written a Letter: Project Overview

At the outset of this project several years ago, manufacturers of various food products were chosen to receive letters, letters which praised the product and described a homosexual experience which had involved the company in some capacity. The products chosen were:

Representatives from five of the companies responded quickly and efficiently. Most letters from the manufacturers appeared to be form letters, with the exception of a personal reply from Linda McCartney’s agent. A ‘typo’ in 9 Lives’ response may or may not suggest that it too is an individual reply.

In some cases, attempts were made to initiate further correspondence with the representative who responded. In none of these instances did the representative respond to the second or third letter.

Letters to the manufacturers of two products have yet to be answered:

This presentation contains the entire correspondence generated by this project. This material has previously been published by on paper as the zine I’ve Written a Letter.