Letter to Aunt Jemima

Dear Aunt Jemima,

I’m writing to say thank you for making such a fine product for many years. I also want to thank you for being such a positive role model as an African American business woman. As a gay latino entrepreneur, I think I can relate to some of the difficulties you have so successfully overcome.

Unfortunately, I have not met with the same success which has seemed to smile on your endeavors. With my last business venture, I thought I’d hit on something really big. When I read about nude maid services flourishing in Los Angeles’ gay community, I felt certain that I was the one to bring this concept to the Midwest. Chicago’s not that different than L.A.; people everywhere have messy homes, and the gay men here appreciate the sight of a beautiful man just as much as our coastal counterparts do.

I sunk quite a bit of capital into the business. Recruiting the right kind of men to work for me required advertising, so did finding clients, and cleaning supplies don’t just grow on trees! Well, I was all set to start counting my millions, but it wasn’t to be. For some reason, Chicago just isn’t yet ready for the newest advance in home cleaning services. If you ask me it’s Chicago’s loss!

Thankfully, the whole thing wasn’t a bust. While interviewing for maid positions, I met Doug, and we’ve been together ever since. We enjoy many breakfasts together (I love to cook) and Aunt Jemima syrup is an important part of each and every one. Doug and I love the delicious flavor. I eat the regular variety and health-conscious Doug prefers ‘Lite.’ We wouldn’t ever settle for anything less!

So, congratulations on “making it” so big. As they say in my neighborhood, “you go girl!” Also, thanks for all the great food you’ve been making for years. Please write back!


John Sanchez

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