Letter to Kool-Aid

Dear Kool-Aid,

Ever since I was a child, your delicious beverages have helped quench my thirst, but I never thought theyd help me find romance!

Last week as I was walking home from the train after work, I came across two kids selling Kool-Aid for five cents a glass in front of their home. Stirred by memories of my own unauthorized childhood Kool-Aid stand, I stopped and bought a Dixie cup full of Pink Swimmingo, my favorite flavor.

As I sipped my drink and chatted with the young entrepreneurs, their father, a strikingly handsome man, emerged from the house. Soon, we were chatting and laughing comfortably as if we were old friends, even though wed just met.

"Shoot!" I thought to myself, "Its too bad hes straight!"

But my dismay turned to delight when he gave me his phone number and said hed like to continue our conversation some other time.

"I'd love to talk more now," he smiled, "but I'm already late for my gay parents' support group!" Let me tell you, I was floored! When I regained my composure, I said Id call later that week. To make a long story short, we went out on an incredible date a few days later and we had a great time. Im seeing him again tommorrow and I can barely wait! I think Im falling in love with this wonderful man, and I owe it all to you, Kool-Aid!

I'll never be able to thank you enough for bringing us together! But, thanks again, and please write back to me.


John Sanchez

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