Second Letter to Pepsi

Dear Joan,

Thank you for your letter of June 15! Let me tell you, the great care you wrote about in the Pepsi-Cola system shows!

I just wanted to write back to tell you that my life's really picking up--and Pepsi's been with me every step of the way!

You might remember from my last letter that over Memorial Day weekend, I met a cute guy at the Pepsi vending trailer at the Belmont Rocks. You'll be happy to know that since then, Iíve begun seeing him regularly!

Heís a real catch, Joan! His name is Brad and he stands about 6 foot 2 with a muscular build. He works for a Chicago-based company in the food industry and enjoys walking by the lake, dining out, and quiet evenings at home. And, like me, he loves Pepsi!

Weíve brought Pepsi along for all our summer fun, such as an exciting World Cup soccer game, a thrilling free Placido Domingo concert in Grant Park, and a spectacular Fourth of July fireworks celebration!

Summer in the city is paradise when youíve got a wonderful man at one side and an ice-cold Pepsi at the other.

Itís great and it's getting better. Just between you and me, Joan, I think Brad, Pepsi, and I will be together for a long time--Iíll keep you updated, but in the meanwhile, please write to me again! I look forward to hearing from you!


John Sanchez

P.S. Thanks for the coupons!

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