Letter to Skippy

Dear Skippy,

I’m sure you know you make a great tasting and nutritious peanut butter, but I wonder if you realize how important your product can be in helping people stick together—no pun intended!

My lover, Brad, is a fine young man. I never dreamed I’d find someone like him, and he says he’s happy too. But life was not always cozy fires and walks along the lake! Neither Brad or me come from priviledged backgrounds. I was lucky enough to go to school and learn a trade. I think that was easier in my time. Brad, who is 16 years younger than I am, was not so fortunate. He drifted from town to town, job to job, and sometimes into a seedy world of crime. When I met him, he was a two-bit go-go dancer who would go to startling extremes just to get a tip.

When I took him home that night, who would have thought that three months later we’d still be together? I moved him into my place and found him a job. I’m trying to show him that life can be kind and happy, but that you must work for it!

That’s why I always try to pack him a special lunch—so he’ll associate work with good rewards. And nothing’s quite as rewarding as a big Skippy sandwich, a “Big Grab” bag of Fritos, and his own 16 ounce bottle of Pepsi.

I want to help him to help himself. Thank you, Skippy, for helping me. And please write back!


John Sanchez

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