Boss' Affair Gets Two Secretaries Fired

Dora and I work for an attorney, we were legal secretaries. I will call him Mark. His wife, Marie, had a nervous breakdown two years ago because Mark was having an affair. She never got over it.

Mark started having an affair again. Wife Marie found out about it and found that Dora (the other secretary) was covering for him. I was not involved in any way. But I was close friends with Dora, (the other secretary).

Marie, Markís wife, started harassing Dora and me at the workplace by calling on all of the phone lines, hanging up on us or just rambling on for as long as an hour. The boss, Mark, could not stop her. He even made us pick up the phone to listen to this abuse. She harassed, slandered and even started coming into the office. We subsequently filed criminal charges against her. But one month after this abuse started, Dora and I lost our jobs. Marie, Markís wife, used their sonís bar mitzvah as an excuse to nitpick us for the reasons above. But in reality, she is nuts. To sum it all up, she went nuts and had us fired.

Since the criminal hearing, wherein she was found guilty, she has filed an appeal to get the summary charge of disorderly conduct off her record.