"What an Asshole"

My boss does this rotten trick so that he can leave early and I have to stay late. Heís that kind who thinks that if he asks how youíre doing a couple times a week, he can buy your loyalty and not have to worry about how to treat you the rest of the time. But I see right through that management seminar bullshit. Itís not hard to. Around 4:45, heíll give me a huge xeroxing job to do. When Iím down the hall doing all this last-minute copying, he sneaks out. These are big jobs, too, on different colored papers, stapled, collated--the works. I have no chance of getting out of time. I canít put it off until the next day. Heís always sure to mention theyíre "kind of important." One time the copier I usually use was broken so I had to go to a copier on a different part of the floor and I ran into him. He was literally sneaking out the back entrance. I couldnít believe it. When he pulls this, the copying usually takes me until a few minutes past five! What an asshole.