Do You Hate Your Boss?

If you hate your boss, new studies show you may not be alone. According to the most recent figures, as much as 85.6% of American workers surveyed expressed a deep and profoundly felt hatred for their supervisors. And the trend is growing. To find out if you hate your boss, just take this simple quiz! Answer yes or no to each question. When you are done, score your test according to the instructions below.

1. Does someone else own the company you work for?

2. Is there anything else you’d rather do besides work?

Ok, that wasn’t too hard was it? Now, using this system, let’s see how you did! For each question you answered yes, give yourself one point.

0 points: You must be a boss. Go to hell.

1 point: Although it may not have come to the surface yet, somewhere in your sub-conscious mind, you hate your boss--even if you’re self-employed.

2 points: You hate your boss! Like millions of Americans, you resent having to wake up in the morning, put on ridiculous work clothes, pretend to be nice, and do what some stupid, dick-nosed asshole in a suit tells you to do. And so do we! Remember, the secretaries, not their bosses, are in control. With a little imagination and quite a bit of sneakiness, you can use your power as secretary to secretly take over the office and make things shitty for your boss for a chnage! Keep reading Fed-Up Secretary for tips!