Last Secretary’s Day, a special edition of Fed-Up Secretary was distributed for free to over 500 office workers in Chicago’s downtown “Loop” area. Containing highlights from F-U.S. #1, the special preview edition advocated that the celebration of Secretaries not be confined to one day of the year. Editor Sally Suarez noted that “flowers and cards do not make up for the shitty treatment we get the rest of the year. We practically run the companies we work for! With this in mind, we say every day should be Secretary’s Day!” The event touched off a whirl-wind of media attention and is expected to draw more disgruntled office workers into the fold of Fed-Up Secretary contributors. Secretaries with articles of interest should send submissions to Fed-Up Secretary.

The best zine around is Temp Slave! By turns angry, funny, political, and reckless, Temp Slave is essential reading for everyone who has a bad job--and doesn’t that mean all of us? Temp Slave is $3.50 and worth every penny. Write to Keffo, POB 8284, Madison, WI 53708.

A helpful tip: Drink plenty of milk before calling in “sick.” Dairy products can cause an accumulation of mucus, which will make your claim of illness sound more realistic over the phone!