Petty Ca$h: Easy to Steal, Easy to Spend

Of all the the many easy-to-steal items in an average office, few offer the allure--or the convenience!--of petty cash. Small and compact, it’s easy to sneak out, plus you can spend it as is, without the risks and hassle of selling hot merchandise. Bosses must be as dumb as they seem to trust us with such a perfect opportunity! There’s so much petty cash waiting to be stolen in this country that you might no even know where to begin to spend it! With that in mind, we’ve collected a few fun and effective ways you can spend the petty cash!

Of course, the first place to spend the petty cash is on yourself. Apply it toward your rent, or use it to help pay for the otherwise useless clothes required of office workers. “My lunches are 100-percent petty-cash financed,” boasts Martina, and Administrative Assistant in Memphis. “If I didn’t have this job, I’d sleep until noon and eat one less meal a day. Lunch is a work-related expense, so I don’t feel bad about having the office pay for it.”

Connie, a Chicago-area Secretary, is a sort of 9-to-5 Robin Hood. “The firm I work for is racist,” she notes. “They refuse to hire anyone who isn’t white. I feel so guilty for working there, I’ve been sending petty cash to the NAACP for six years.”

And Jancie, who works in an office in Souther California, takes and unusual approach. “I throw petty cash in the trash at least once a week,” she confides. “I’d feel bad keeping it for myself, but I don’t want the office to have it either. I figure the trash is a better place for it than the bosses’ pockets!”